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Thaitsuki Tonbo Wakizashi S04W

Thaitsuki Tonbo Wakizashi S04WL. Japanese sword matching to Tonbo katana S04. Limited edition sword. Japanese wakizashi made of triple sanmai steel. 1024 layers. Newest Japanese wakizashi made by Thaitsuki Nihonto. Samurai sword with dragonfly motif.
Thaitsuki Tonbo Wakizashi S04W
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Thaitsuki Tonbo Wakizashi S04W Limited edition

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Retail price:          2 599EUR

Tonbo wakizashi is a matching samurai sword to Thaitsuki Tonbo katana S04 Limited edition.

Limited edition: 100 swords for Europe, 100 swords for USA. Totally 200 swords.

Tonbo wakizashi features

Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade (1024 layers)
Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)
Hand polished with excellent hada
Hand sharpened
Blackened copper tsuba with silver dragonfly hand engraved inlay on tsuba with fireblow technic
Silver seppa and habaki
Silver dragonfly menuki
copper fuchi and kashira with silver dragonfly motif
premium black Japanese silk and black rayskin wrapped tsuka
Dark purple matte finish saya with silver kurikata and couple of silver dragonfly inlay,premium knitted between gold and black sageo and silver sayajiri with dragonfly
Fully funcitional japanese sword.

Made by Thaitsuki Swords.

Tonbo sanmai wakizashi measurements

Blade: 20"
Tsuka: 8-1/2"
Overall length: 32-1/2"
Weight: 4.0