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Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi S03W

Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi S03W. Japanese wakizashi matching to Roiyaru sanmai katana S03. Japanese wakizashi sword made by Thaitsuki Nihonto.
Thaitsuki Tonbo sanmai wakizashi
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Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi S03W

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Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi features a hand forged and folded Sanmai high carbon steel blade with 1024 layers, this is among the upper echelon of wakizashi for the collectoror or practioner. Forged, polished and sharpened entirely by hand, this is simply one of the finest Japanese wakizashi blades you will ever see! Pure silver fittings with a floral motif as well as golden brown silk over black rayskin wrapped tsuka round out this stunning wakisashi.

This is a high end wakizashi that will appeal to the discriminating collector or serious practitioner.

Each Thaitsuki Comes with a signed certificate, stand, maintenance kit and silk sword bag.

Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi features:
Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade (1024 layers)
Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)
Hand polished with excellent hada
Hand sharpened
Blackened brass tsuba
Silver seppa and habaki
Silver flower menuki
Two layer wood saya with hand rubbed laquer finish
Brass fuchi and kashira with silver flower motif
Golden brown Japanese silk and black rayskin wrapped tsuka
Black matte finish saya with silver kurikata and flower inlay, brown silk sageo and silver sayajiri
Comes with Thaitsuki certificate.

Made by Thaitsuki Swords.

Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Wakizashi specifications:
Blade: 22.5"
Tsuka: 8"
Overall length: 32"
Weight: 1.9"