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Thaitsuki Misu Ryu Katana BK04

Thaitsuki Misu Ryu Katana BK04. High carbon steel DC53. Custom made sword. Total length of 105.5 cm. Hand made Thaitsuki Nihonto sword.
Thaitsuki Misu Ryu Katana BK04
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Thaitsuki Misu Ryu Katana BK04

Misu Ryu Katana in Retail Store

Custom made Samurai sword from Thaitsuki.

The blade of Misu Ryu katana is hand forged and made from high carbon steel (DC53) and was provided with a Bo Hi. The blade is hardened differential to the sword to make strong but flexible. It runs from a width of 7 mm to 5.5 mm at the Chu kissaki.

The handle is covered with black ray skin and is held by two mekugi, wrap the handle is made from the best Japanese golden brown silk, which is 10mm wide. The bronze tsuba shows a kite in the rain and was decorated with gold paint finished. The Koiguchi was made of buffalo horn and extra lined with soft wood to avoid scratches on the blade. The habaki and Seppas consist of 92.5% silver and the habaki is a cherry blossom. The Saya is hand made from dried poplar wood. The kurigata consists of wood and was coated with 92.5% silver. At the end of the saya was a Kojiri secured from buffalo horn, this is to prevent the damage Saya takes when it is placed on the hard ground, such as during exercise.

Fuchi and Kashira are artistically decorated and Kashira will continue to be upgraded by 2 Shitodome of 92.5% silver. The Menuki of the sword made of silver and 92.5% showing a dragon. The sword can be disassembled completely to perform the maintenance.

The Misu Ryu katana is not a simple replica but a real Japanese sword!

This sword can also be delivered back to your dull desire to use it in training, for example, in Iaido can.

Custom made sword by Thaitsuki Forge.

Katana details:

Blade length 74.5 cm / 29.33"

Handle length 29 cm / 11.42"

Total length of 105.5 cm / 41.54"

1520 g weight with Saya / 53.60 oz

Weight without Saya 1210 g / 42.68 oz

Ha (blade edge) 60-63 HRC

Habuchi (hamon) 43-46 HRC

Bushi blades:
The blades are made at the Thaitsuki Forge. Each piece is formed from a single billet ,differentially tempered and water quenched, once polished individual pieces are selected for the Bushiblades range whilst others are stored for future custom orders. So be assured that each step towards producing your unique katana is completed with the pride of quality craftsmanship.
All swords from Bushiblades are handmade japanese sword by experienced craftsmen and the fittings are reproduced from original pieces. Each katana is then hand assembled in the traditional Japanese method and bound tightly by trained specialists .So our customers can be confident that each and every Sword we produce is to the highest standard in design, strength and balance. All models in the range are suitable for both Iaido and cutting practice.

Custom katana option:

Blade: Iaito / Liveblade (sharp)

Silk ito color: Black silk / Gold brown silk

Same color: Ivory / Black gloss

Saya color: Black gloss / Dark brown gloss / Black matt / Dark brown matt

Menuki: Menuki 1 /Menuki 2 (check pics for details)

Tsuba: Tsuba 1 / Tsuba 2 (check pics for details)

Habaki: Brass / Silver (+USD70)